What if every child were surrounded by a team of caring, dedicated professionals to encourage and support them to be their best regardless of their circumstances? What if every child had access to a safe, creative and healing place to connect, create, build and explore? 

This is the Bony Pony Ranch Foundation.   The Bony Pony Ranch Foundation is an urban youth centered nonprofit, born in the mountains of Malibu and brought to the streets of Los Angeles to provide on the ground support to youth from disadvantaged communities.    

Our mission is to empower at risk youth with the tools to transcend self-identities attached to common negative societal stereotypes related to race, gender, socioeconomic status, faith or politics with the ultimate goal of becoming independent, resilient, mentally tough critical thinkers.

Bony Pony Ranch Programs

The Bony Pony Ranch Foundation works with a network of carefully chosen collaborative partners to reach and impact their target demographic – at risk youth from 10-18 years old (basically middle school to high school).

Each BPR session will span 6-10 weeks and will be crafted to dovetail with the collaborative partner’s existing programs. Our goal is to impact at least 500 youth in the first year.


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Dr. Jay Faber

Board President

Dr. Kenneth Hopper

Board Member

Keith johnson

Board Member

David Lee Windecher, esq.

Board Member

Leonard Larramore

Board Member

Dr. Gita Zarnegar       

Board Member


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