The Bony Pony Ranch was initially started and branded with a notion of diversity, that all individuals, through their differences, are still equal. With that unique chemistry, something powerful can happen; something memorable; something that goes way beyond a political speech, a Sunday morning sermon, or an organizational march.

As the Bony Pony Ranch begins to re-emerge in the 21st century, we hope to, somehow and someway, continue to understand, develop, and capture that experience so that those around us can feel, taste and soulfully know the power of diversity.

Yes, diversity does include working on a better understanding of each other’s ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic differences that make each of us unique, special,...

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We are READY! Our Big, Glamorous, Bony Pony Ranch Style Launch Party is all set! #bonyponyranch #wearebpr

On the day of my so-called emancipation, I didn’t have a high school diploma, a place to live, a job, nothing...The day I emancipated—it was a happy day for me. But I didn’t know what was in store. Now that I’m on the streets, I honestly feel I would have been better off in an abusive home with a father who beat me; at least he would have taught me how to get a job and pay the bills.
—Roberta E., Los Angeles

Imagine being in foster care the majority of your life for whatever reason. Imagine that you made it through to 18 years of age and are finally proud to be on your own. You are told you will get a "stipend" of $850 per month until you are 21 as long as you are associated with a program or in school. That's. It.

This is why we exist. The Bony Pony Ranch Foundation exist to be more than a "safety net" for young people with nowhere to turn.

When children in foster care turn 18, they are, for the most part, on their own. They are called "emancipated" -- they are legally adults and free from the foster care system. But many young people leave California's foster care with no job or income, few educational prospects, and little emot...

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We admit it. We have an unusual name! The name represents an important history but always bringa up questions. The most common question believe or not is, "Do you have ponies?". We have no ponies at the moment, but we do have something else - a passion for changing lives. So. What do we do? Here at the Bony Pony Ranch Foundation we change lives. Sounds big, right? We do it by partnering with carefully chosen nonprofits that work with young people in disadvantaged communities or are struggling with life skills, substance abuse or identity issues. Our approach is two pronged. The first is kind of an in-depth "" approach to support young people. We draw upon our Mentors - people at the top level in their professions - to work one o...

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I'm still not over the loss of a great friend. Like many of you who are reading this, I am still waiting for that email, phone call with the latest and greatest idea to help others fulfill their potential. While I have MANY stories that I can share with you from our days on the town as young residents and then later, as practicing medical professionals I would like to focus on what most people didn't see behind the glamour and glitz of Frank's Hollywood lifestyle. Dr. Frank Ryan was a genuinely good person. He got the best of a solid midwestern upbringing and the values of his hard working dedicated mother, Mary Kate Ryan.

i personally helped in his efforts with the Frank H. Ryan Foundation and was proud to support the programs which too...

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