But Are There Ponies?

We admit it. We have an unusual name! The name represents an important history but always bringa up questions. The most common question believe or not is, "Do you have ponies?". We have no ponies at the moment, but we do have something else - a passion for changing lives. So. What do we do? Here at the Bony Pony Ranch Foundation we change lives. Sounds big, right? We do it by partnering with carefully chosen nonprofits that work with young people in disadvantaged communities or are struggling with life skills, substance abuse or identity issues. Our approach is two pronged. The first is kind of an in-depth "" approach to support young people. We draw upon our Mentors - people at the top level in their professions - to work one on one for at least one year with a group of youth, addressing issues specific to their needs. The second is to support our collaborative partners with direct funding and by supplementing their existing programs with our MentorMatch program. In this way, our reach is broad and deep. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, reach out to us! We would love to welcome you to the Bony Pony family!..


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