Continuing a Legacy

I'm still not over the loss of a great friend. Like many of you who are reading this, I am still waiting for that email, phone call with the latest and greatest idea to help others fulfill their potential. While I have MANY stories that I can share with you from our days on the town as young residents and then later, as practicing medical professionals I would like to focus on what most people didn't see behind the glamour and glitz of Frank's Hollywood lifestyle. Dr. Frank Ryan was a genuinely good person. He got the best of a solid midwestern upbringing and the values of his hard working dedicated mother, Mary Kate Ryan.

i personally helped in his efforts with the Frank H. Ryan Foundation and was proud to support the programs which took place and the magical Bony Pony Ranch in the mountains of Malibu. As a friend, it is my honor to continue an expand his legacy of giving. I know that our Board Members take this task to heart as well and we hope that if you are reading this, you will too. I have always known that because of the amazing support of so many wonderful friends, colleague and associates that our work truly changed lives for the better.


Another "night on the town" with Frank.